Looking for a way to save some money? Try Scavenging.


As hard times carry on, the ideas people come up with to help us tighten our belts and make it to the end of the month seems endless. Her is another curious proposal… giving a new meaning to Scavenging (normally associated to looking for useful items thrown on the street) so that we see it as a concept that “encompasses every possible means of legally acquiring stuff for free — or for as cheaply as possible.”
Of course it requires some minor lifestyle changes, an open mind and getting your hands dirty in some cases… but looking at the photos on this blog, saving money looks like fun! (??)

"Just what I've been looking for!"

How Safe Are You?

Get Safe Online

The World of the Web can be a  scary place to roam. Everyday we hear nightmare stories of internet crime that make us wonder: “Am I safe?”

Well, why not find out?

At Get Safe Online you can get expert advice for free on how to protect yourself from falling into online traps. With a variety of tips, videos, and even a fun test to see how safe you really are, you’ll soon feel comfortable to surf the net without always looking over your shoulder!

In English

Homes of the Future?

Container City

In a time of reducing reusing and recycling, Container City offers an interesting solution to problems of urban space and sustainability. And with a little imagination, these containers can provide work offices and homes that are not only comfortable and affordable, but very stylish!

Have a look!

Doing Right Can Be Fun

The Fun Theory

This site set up by Volkswagen, proposes the idea that people can be encouraged to change their behaviour for the better simply by making activities more fun. They call it The Fun Theory. These changes could be to help the environment, improve our communities, or even just to develop healthier habits.

People can contribute by giving ideas that could motivate people to ‘do the right thing’, and the best ideas submitted are awarded.

Have a look here to see some videos of the brilliant ways contributers have come up with to make doing right fun!

“Hi, you don’t know me but…”

Missed Connections

Every day in the webpage Craiglist.org, people post classified ads in the “Missed Connections” section hoping to contact that person they saw for just a moment, but can’t seem to stop thinking about. Whether it was on the bus, in line at the supermarket or at another table at a café, the internet gives them one more chance at meeting that mysterious someone…

American painter Sophie Blackall turns some of these ads into beautiful illustrations. You can find these curious messages with their drawings here. Enjoy!


Why not take vacation whenever you want, for as long as you want?

Limitless Vacation

“IT consulting firm Bluewolf lets employees take as much vacation as they want…  as long as they meet their goals” – BusinessWeek

Do you know what you’re going to do for summer vacation? I know it’s only October, but to plan the perfect holiday you need to plan, to coordinate. You have to work things out with your colleagues, get approval from your boss, make reservations before the prices get too high… but wait. Maybe there’s a better solution.

How about not worrying about when or for how long you’ll take your next vacation, and just going? Just leaving a note for your boss somewhere on their desk to let them know you’ll send them a postcard.
I know what you’re thinking. This sounds too good to be true. But before you dismiss the idea as an impossible dream, have a look here at what some employees at this IT firm have to say about all the things they can do with their incredibly flexible timetable!

A cheap and original way of travelling in times of crisis


Many would agree that the sofa (or couch) is one of the most wonderful inventions of our time. Great for siestas, watching films, reading the paper, among other favorite pastimes. And now this magnificent piece of furniture is providing us with another source of enjoyment: The possibility of travelling cheap and/or meeting new people from around the world!

To find out more, you can:

visit the official Couchsurfing site. Or watch this BBC report on couchsurfing.

Maybe we should we consider the sofa for the next Principe de Asturias award?

Especialistas En Formación En Inglés Para Empresas

Meet people, speak English, drink coffee

J&J Books and Coffee

Sure you read stuff in English for your work, or maybe even for fun. And you listen to English when you switch on BBC News for about two minutes, or if they’re playing the new Rihanna song on the radio.

But when do you actually speak English? Well if you have no answer for that, let us give you one: “Intercambio Night” at J&J Books and Coffee.

It’s on Wednesdays and Thursdays 8pm to close. Just walk in and say, “Hello!”

Check out what else goes on at J&J Books and Coffee here.

How to make “Working to live, not living to work” your new mantra


So how was your day?

Let me guess. You got up late. The traffic was horrible. You were already stressed at work before your first coffee break. You ate your lunch in 7 minutes so you wouldn’t be late for your English class, which of course in the end you were. Your list of things to do, which started as a post-it stuck to your computer screen is now several pages long. You realize that all the things you were planning to do this evening on your way home will have to wait until the weekend.

Am I right?

Well, you might want to consider Downshifting. A trend which has people making some important lifestyle changes so they can have the time to enjoy the simpler things in life.

Sound impossible? Read this before coming to any conclusions… when you have some time.